SIDUS HEROES Exclusive Giveaway: 10,000 Investment Bots



SIDUS HEROES – a unique Play-to-Earn metaverse that’s accessed via your browser in 1 click. The project is holding a generous NFT Bot giveaway to celebrate its huge recent updates! 

  • Win one of 10,000 Investment Bots that will allow you to become a co-owner of the metaverse!

These exclusive items will boost your $SIDUS and $SENATE investment limit for Module Construction and will never again be made available!

General conditions:

  1. Watch the AMA session
  2. Get your referral link
  3. To be added to the Whitelist, post a Tweet with the text specified below and your referral link (copy it from the previous step #2 above and put it into the Tweet):

“SIDUS is holding an AMA with a huge #GIVEAWAY.💎 @galaxy_sidus  is giving away 10,000 exclusive Investment Bots that boost your investment opportunity! ðŸ¤©

✔️ Watch AMA: 

✔️ Use my link to win: your referral link”

  1. watch the AMA and get the code. Combine the 3 words into a phrase and enter it WITHOUT SPACES 
  2. Share your ERC-20 MetaMask wallet address
  3. Subscribe to SIDUS ’ Twitter
  4. Subscribe to SIDUS ’ YouTube


  • 9,900 Common Investment Bots – $1/day
  • 90 Epic Investment Bots – $5/day
  • 10 Legendary Investment Bots – $50/day

The top 10,000 Whitelisted participants by referral links will get their rewards sent to their in-game accounts. Investment Bots allow you to invest $SIDUS/$SENATE (50/50 ratio) in Module Construction.

Conditions for rewards:

  • The TOP 10 users by referrals will get a Legendary Bot
  • The TOP 11-100 users by referrals will get an Epic Bot
  • The TOP 101-10,000 users by referrals will receive a Common Bot

Prizes will be sent directly to your SIDUS HEROE gaming accounts.

This event ends on August 31st.

🏷 Reward: NFT ( For 10,000 Winner )

⚫ Register:

➖ Join Telegram
➖ Follow Twitter & Retweet
— Complete All Task
— Submit Your Details
✅ Done

All the airdrops are not legit. So, be careful to join airdrop.

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